The Thailand Cup was created in 2012 when the founding members got together to create a golf tournament for executive management staff of Marriott.

The players are handicapped as per USGA rules and the tournament is played using the Stableford scoring system. Tournaments consists of 3 rounds of 18 holes of golf over the course of 3 days. Most of the time, each round is played on a different course.

The winner receives a green jacket and a trophy with the names of all the past champions engraved on the trophy itself. The green jacket is presented to the winner by the previous Thailand Cup’s champion in a ceremony at a restaurant and or pub.

Prior to the 2nd cup in 2015, the winner of the Thailand Cup has generally been responsible for organizing the next Thailand Cup. This tradition was broken when Roger Parnow won the Thailand Cup in 2015.

Due to organizational challenges and expectations not being met, a new rule was formed. The winner of the Thailand Cup must nominate two people to organize the next Thailand Cup. JJ Joung was the first to use this rule and he nominated Bob Fabiano and Narit (Oddy) Lekagul.

In 2017, when Rick Apichairuk won, he nominated himself and Jean-David Spira to organize the next Thailand Cup.

The Thailand Cup is generally held on a bi-annual basis. In late 2016, the Thailand Cup was cancelled in observance and respect of the passing of the late King Rama 9 of Thailand.

Today, the Thailand Cup has become the ultimate test of athleticism, stamina, and mental fortitude both on and off the course.


What people say about us

I only slightly brushed the green with my putter.

Gerd KotlorzBest Landscaper Award of 2015

I can't believe it's Nutella!

Lewis WoodleyRookie

The Thailand Cup is truly a one of a kind sporting event that tests one's skill, stamina and mental fortitude. I am honored to have participate in such an entertaining event in the company of great guys.


The amount of holes played is extraordinary!

JD Spira2016 Wooden Spoon

It was all blur.

Roger Parnow2015 Champion