Country: ThailandClub: Muang Ake Vista Golf Course


Muang Ake Vista Golf Course

Rick is the 9th Annual Thailand Cup Champion. He is a self taught golfer who learns and grooves his own swing by watching videos on youtube, reading books and magazines. Initially, he tried to model his swing after Lee Trevino’s swing. He preferred to hit a low fade. Since winning the last Thailand Cup, he is working on being able to consistently draw the ball as well. His high tolerance for alcohol allows him to remain in contention even after having consumed large amounts of beer. His preference is for quantity over quality and that is why his home course is none other than Muang Ake Vista Golf Course and his beverage of choice is Singha Beer.

  • Strength? Scrambling
  • Favorite club in the bag? Driver
  • Most hated club? Driver
  • Favorite alcoholic beverage? Singha Beer
  • Lowest score ever? 77
  • Favorite professional golfer of all time? Jordan Spieth
  • Usual shot shape? Low Fade
  • Nationality: Thai/US
  • Residing in: Bangkok
  • Claimed Handicap: 16

What’s In The Bag

  • Driver – Titleist 915 D2 Diamana S Shaft
  • 3 Wood – Titleist 915 F Diamana R Shaft
  • 3 Hybrid – Titleist 816 H1 Diamana S Shaft
  • 4-PW Irons – Titleist 716 AP2 NS Pro 950 S Shafts
  • 50 Degree Gap Wedge – Vokey SM5 Black
  • 54 Degree Sand Wedge – Mizuno S5
  • 58 Degree Lob Wedge – Mizuno S5
  • Putter – Odyssey Metal X 1 Putter


Playing Style


Player History

After having started golf in 2013 after moving to Thailand from the United States, Rick has steadily improved his game at the expense of his work and career. He played at least 1 round of golf every day for six months when first arriving in Thailand. His favorite shot on the golf course is tequila shots, wedge shots and iron shots.

Armed with a high tolerance for alcohol, and an unbelievable amount of luck, Rick won the 2017 9th Annual Thailand Cup by 2 stableford points over the original Thailand Cup Champion in 2012, Brad Edman, with a final score of 109 over 2nd place Brad who had 107 stableford points.