The Rules & Regulations for the 10th Thailand Cup are identical to the current USGA rules at the time of competition with the following exceptions:

  1. A player may have a dedicated ball for putting that is different from the ball that is in play. The player’s putting ball must conform to all USGA rules. No magnetic devices, gyroscopes or radio control equipment may be installed.
  2. A player may only have 14 clubs in the bag. SORRY Oddy!
    1. 15th club exemption
      1. If you truly need to carry a 15th club you may do so under the following conditions:
        1. When it is not being used, it must remain in your trousers or shorts.
        2. It may not be stored in any other place other than your trousers or shorts.
        3. You may choose to store it in the frontal or posterior area.
  3. Mulligans
    1. Each player will be given one and only one mulligan that maybe only be used from the tee box per 18 hole competition round.
    2. NO MAGICAL TIME MACHINE/DELAY OF GAME MULLIGANS. If you unsure whether or not your shot is still in play or had the result you had imaged, you can NOT leave the tee box, drive your cart (or worse walk) to try to find your ball, and then come all the way back to hit a mulligan. You must make that decision off the tee.
  4. Dropping after hitting ball into water hazard.
    1. Players may drop in a dedicated “Drop Zone” if one exists.
      1. Neither you nor your caddy can invent or declare a new “Drop Zone”, if one doesn’t exist.
    2. They may also choose to drop according to USGA rules.
  5. “Free Drops”
    1. Please review the USGA rules.
    2. Bushes or trees used as yardage markers are NOT obstructions.
    3. Neither you nor your caddy can just choose to have a “Free Drop” because you don’t like the fact that your ball is buried in 3 inch rough because you sliced your drive and it bounced off of 2 trees and landed there.
    4. “Free Drop” is within 1 club length and not closer to the hole. To be clear, this means that dropping it 5 club lengths towards center of fairway and closer to the hole is NOT allowed and will be penalized.